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Living With Family Deaths – Never Easy When The Murderer Lives

It’s their nightly ritual. Sometime before eight o’clock, Jim Larson lights a candle at the bedside of his 3-year-old daughter, Jessica, and then reaches for Horton Hears a Who, The Cat in the Hat, or Green Eggs and Ham.

Together, they lie side by side on her tiny bed as he reads the sweet nonense of Dr. Seuss:

   "Have no fear!" said the cat.
   "I will not let you fall.
   I will hold you up high
   As I stand on a ball.
   With a book on one hand!
   And a cup on my hat!
   But that is not ALL I can do!"
   Said the cat ...

Sooner or later, after she’s said her prayers and blown out the candle, the little girl with blond hair and giant blue eyes drifts off to sleep. Then, Larson kisses Jessica good night and walks into his own room and his own dreams.

And sometimes, his nightmares. In 1990, a serial killer named Danny Rolling stabbed and killed Larson’s sister, Sonja, in Gainesville, FL. Seven years later, just as Larson had started to put