Having My School Help Fix My Hard Drive

I bought my first Apple computer about three years ago and I really like it. It has all the software I need to get my work done. The only problem I had with my MacBook came last night. As I was doing some work for a local company my computer crashed on me. I realized that it was the hard drive that went bad on me and I didn’t know how to fix it. I took it to a local Irvine company at www.harddrivedatarecovery.org and they told me they would be able to fix in in three days. They said they would do a mac hard drive recovery and install a new hard drive. The quoted the price to be about $50 to fix everything. I figured it was a fair price, so I went ahead and purchased it.

I was able to get my computer back in two days, instead of three. I was happy with the quick turnaround. I didn’t think they would be able to fix it so quickly. I was able to finish the work I needed to get done by the deadline, since my computer was fixed a day early. I will continue to use my schools computer store to get my computer repaired.

apple-driveMy grandma is a huge Apple fan. I actually think that she buys every Apple product that comes out. Every time that I visit her house, she has a new Apple gadget. I like going there because I get to test out all the new products. Yesterday my grandma needed me to come over to fix her iMac. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with it, so I told her I would come over and try to fix it. When I arrived at her placed and ran some test on her iMac, I figured out what was wrong with it. I found out that her hard drive crashed on her. She does a lot of video editing, which is properly the reason it crashed so early on her. I told her that I can do a mac hard drive recovery and get all her files back.

She was happy to hear that I was able to get all her files back. She told me she was working a church project, which needs to be done by Sunday. I told her that I would be able to get her computer up and running within an hour. I just backed up all her files onto a new hard drive and installed the new hard drive I bought for her into her computer. She was impressed by my computer skills and told me that I should go to college to learn more about computers.

He Was Able To Recover My Hard Drive

I have had my computer for some time now and never really had a problem with it. I have an iMac, since I do a lot of video editing for my school. We have a news program, which I do the editing for. I also do the editing of other small projects local companies give me. It wasn’t until earlier today when I had a hard drive failure. I wasn’t too scared though, because I make backups of everything that I do. Since I edited videos for other people, it is a requirement that I make backups. I also know that my dad is very good with computers. I just ran it over to his place and he was able to fix it within an hour. He just had to perform a mac hard drive recovery.

I bought a really good new ssd hard drive for him to install in my computer. The ssd hard drive is supposed to be faster, which is why I bought it. It was a little bit more expensive, but I think it will save me time when I run my editing programs. I tried my computer out with the new hard drive and it really is faster. I think I am going to be able to edit much faster now because of it.

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