How Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Works

hhrswHyperspectral remote sensing is a spectral imaging that gathers and processes the information in an electromagnetic spectrum. Unlike the naked eye that can see visible light in red, blue and green bands, spectral imaging allows division of spectrum in several bands. This kind of technique enables the user to see specific results. That is why; hyperspectral remote sensing is highly utilized in different fields. The engineers of this spectral imaging build a sensor and process a system in order to make it usable in agriculture, physics, surveillance and mineralogy. In fact, the sensors of hyperspectral imaging look at objects in a vast portion of electromagnetic spectrum.

Once the imaging is used, the object at focus will leave unique fingerprints in the electromagnetic spectrum. The fingerprints are called as spectral signatures. This will enable the user to identify the material and observe it for some purposes. For instance, the spectral signature of oil will help the mineralogist to identify new oil fields. This kind of system is also applicable to other fields like agriculture, and many others. The good thing about hyperspectral remote sensing is it has been used to identify objects that are being carefully studied by scientists. This gives them answers to questions that are still considered a mystery.

Fields Where Spectral Cameras Are Used

Even if the spectral cameras are complex and expensive, there are still a lot of individuals using it for their own benefit. First, agriculturists are using a spectral camera in order to monitor the development of crops and identify an existing disease condition. This is very useful in their farming because they can control their crops and ensure that this will remain in good condition. Second, some ophthalmologists use the spectral cameras in diagnosing different diseases of the eye. Retina is very complex and diseases can be identified through the use of this specific camera. Although this is still not widely used, it can be accounted that using a spectral camera can deliver great results.

Third, this type of camera is also used for identifying oil fields. Since it can detect underneath the soil surface, it is not difficult for engineers to discover new areas where they can extract oil. Fourth, the camera is also utilized for military surveillance. Osama bin Laden was captivated after years of hiding because of this type of camera. In fact, without the spectral cameras, military entities will definitely not find bin Laden. Therefore, these cameras are very helpful in different fields and in different applications.

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